Xterra Myrtle Beach 2018

As always, Myrtle Beach was an absolute blast of a race.  This was the first year that it has ever sold out and you sure could tell!  The race directors did an amazing job putting on the race and getting everything as perfect as possible.


Race day morning started out early with a large breakfast and some pre race prep.  I always make sure to check my bottles, GU, tires, chain, and more in hopes that I am prepared as much as possible for the race.  Although this never ends up being true and I am always running late and/or missing something.  This race however I felt that I actually got everything all setup and was on the first boat up stream.  I have spent most of the winter working on my swim and wanted to get a good warm up in before the race.  Once we made it to the drop off point for the one way swim we started to get ready to jump in the water.  Right before the first people were about to leap in we were halted, the Coast Guard decide that there were not enough patrol boats to “close off” the water way and we had to wait until another arrived.  First race of the season and nerves are kicking in.  We are all joking and having fun but deep down I am just trying to keep myself from turning into a nervous wreck.  After waiting and the boat finally arriving, it was time to start the race.  The start was signaled and we were off, flying downstream with the current to our backs.  I got out of the water, was held up on the stairs and then rushed through transition to get on the bike.  I knew I had done much better than previous years in the swim but was still far behind the leaders.

About half way through the first lap of the bike I caught Marcus.  Just like that I had taken over 1st place on the first lap.


Thanks to Chales Slate for the Photos.

The only down side to this is that now it was completely my race to lose.  I was trying to stay smooth and safe through turns and drops but was unable to drop Marcus all of the first lap.  After starting the second I was told that we were in third, but I thought we were in first- off I went sprinting down the course to try and catch the top two.  I finally saw them about a mile in front of me on the course and was astonished at how fast they were going.  I came into transition, got my shoes on and off I went.  I finally saw the second place person when we were both on the dirt road, but I also saw Marcus behind me.  After two quick laps in the basin area it was a race back to the finish.


Thanks to Chales Slate for the Photos.

I looked back and saw Marcus was right behind  me on the road.  I could have sworn he was gaining on me much faster than I was going.  Once I dipped back into the woods I realized it was now or never to race for the finish.   With about a mile left to go, all wooded trail running I gave it all I had and was able to hold him off, beating him by only nineteen seconds.  After crossing they said that I was the 1st place solo finisher. Oooooooo I thought.  Both the people I saw in front of me were relay teams with stacked collegiate athletes.  By this time Marcus had come across and we were telling stories of our race.


Thanks to Chales Slate for the Photos.

Products Used: GU Roctane Drink Mix: Lemon Berry | GU Energy Gel: Qucumber mint and strawberry banana

What I learned: Never stop pushing, the person behind you is in as much pain as you are, don’t let up until you have crossed the finish line.

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